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Sales Performance Research

Sales Performance Research

As a sales leader, it’s not always easy to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not in your sales pipeline. It takes time, resources and discipline to not only stay on top of win/loss data and analysis, but to take action based on your findings.


Once we understand your unique business needs and sales environment, we’ll conduct highly specified customer and prospect research to uncover what drove the wins and losses from your prior quarter. After win/loss analysis, we’ll provide you actionable insights and longer term improvements that will result in shortened sales cycles, larger deal sizes, and more than your fair share of competitive wins. This will give you the insights to grow sales each and every quarter through valuable feedback.


We’ll provide 360° insights across the sale that include your:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Technical Sales Representatives
  • Channel Partners (Distributors, Resellers)
  • Buyers (Users, Decision Makers, Purchasing, Influencers)

Are you ready to capture more sales with better win/loss research and analysis?

A Message For Sales Leaders

I’ve definitely walked a mile in your shoes. In my career, I’ve been an account manager, national and channel sales manager, and a VP of sales. I focused on win/loss every month. I changed what didn’t work and replicated what did. I’ve now spent the last 20 years of my career in the research industry and I know where the information gaps and limitations are for executives responsible for revenue.


Naviscent’s research program goes deep through in-depth interviews as well as listening and analyzing feedback from key individuals involved in the sales process. The report you receive will not only be actionable, but combines experience in research and sales management understanding your unique issues and offers solutions backed by data. We’ll meet with you one month after the project’s end to follow-up on implementation of changes and review tangible progress made thus far. We believe customers will see their return on investment within a single quarter of working with us.


George Papazian, CEO and Founder of Naviscent