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Our UX Research Services include a variety of methods to address your needs for research insights. We conduct user research in-lab, in-home and remotely.  While remote research has grown in popularity recently, we launched a remote research platform in 2000 prior to starting Naviscent. After building the customer base to more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, we sold the company and started Naviscent. When we say we have deep experience in remote UX research, we invented it!


Our UX research is grounded in the belief that there’s a huge communication gap between a company’s research and design departments. With that in mind, we take a collaborative approach where all parties have a seat at the table. All parties are part of our workflow and we make sure the user research is done early and often throughout the design process to ensure team alignment and the best opportunity for your success.


Our Research Capabilities include the following:


  • Usability Research (Remote and in-lab)
  • Quantitative Surveys
  • Statistical Analysis of Quantitative Data
  • Sales Performance Research
  • Ethnographic Research (in-field and in-home)
  • Brand and Concept Research
  • Exploratory Research
  • Persona Development
  • Voice of Customer Research
  • Executive Interviews
  • In-Depth Interviews
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